Amabala Dark Rum – 500ml




A traditional dark rum with a local twist. Aged in open glass casks with a selection of Sekelbos (local hardwood) staves that have been hand toasted to various levels by our distiller to release select flavours. Rested on a bed of French Oak and finished in an American oak barrel the result is a dark rum that is mellow and smooth with a unique flavour and aroma.


 Dichrostachys cinerea, known as sicklebush, Bell mimosa, Chinese lantern tree or Kalahari Christmas tree is a local hardwood that grows extensively across Africa. It is a sought after firewood for is slow burning nature and a symbol of the African outdoor lifestyle. The Sekelbos staves have been hand split and toasted at various temperatures and time periods to target the release of Sweet, Toasty, Vanilla flavours and aromas into the rum over time.

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Dimensions 31 × 21 × 27 cm